Thursday, October 16, 2014

Apartment Loan Rates drop like a rock on Fear of EU reccession and Flight to quality from Stocks FHA 223f 3.70% 35 years

Apartment Loans from $500.000 Chicago nationally

Interests Rates made a huge one day reversal yesterday cutting over one half of one percent in long term treasury rates 

FHA 223F purchase and refinance loans have a 35 year term are non recourse and loan to value is 83%

Interest Rates now hit new lows for 2014 and expectations of the FED raising rates are disappearing

The move in bonds was driven by continued weakness in Europe and the realization that USA Hospitals administrators are not the least bit prepared to handle Ebola 

FNMA 10 year loan rates also dropped to the low 4% range depending on loan to value.

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